april, 2023

16apr6:30 amGRIT+TONIC.COM RELAY TRIATHLON6:30 am DubaiEvent Type :Triathlon - Swim/Bike/Run

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Event Details

Super Sports Events invites you to be part of the first ever, most exciting triathlon the city has seen!
Whether you’re an experienced triathlete or looking at taking up the sport for the first time, this is the event for you! Do it as an Individual Team of 2 or invite some friends who can swim or run or bike and you have the making of a relay team – its as easy as that! Super Sprint distance will make for a fast paced race with plenty of transitions and an awesome vibe in the race village!

Distances: Swim 300m, cycle 6.5km, Run 2km

There are 2 relay options to choose from:
The INDIVIDUAL RELAY is more for the seasoned triathlete and consists of a team of 2 athletes who individually have to complete the full swim-bike-run distance before tagging their team mate to go do the same – and then you have to do it all over again! So you get to do 2 x super sprint distance triathlons in 1 race! Atheletes have to keep the same order of racing: A tags B, B tags A, A tags B, B finishes.

The TEAM RELAY is a much more social approach to triathlon where teams of 2/3 athletes decide which team mate does a specific leg of the race. So someone does the swim, someone else the bike and another the run – and then you have to do it all over again! So each person gets to do their specific leg of the race twice! Team mates are not allowed to swap legs after the first round – if you signed up to do the swim then you have to do the swim for both legs and same for other team mates.


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