Sports Clinics

Sports Clinics in The UAE

Recommended by your fellow athletes as highly valued clinics and professionals. These experts keep us doing what we love!!

Sports Clinics in the UAE

We’ve compiled below a small and select list of highly recommended sports clinics; sports physicians; sports physiotherapists and osteopaths. We list here those that have impressed local athletes like yourself. All listed here are highly qualified and experienced professionals and we at are so pleased to highlight them here. These physicians and therapists are often active sportsmen and women themselves and are highly engaged with the local sporting community.

This will be a selective list, but we're open to suggestions

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Established in 2010 by Dr Anna Zickerman, UPANDRUNNING are the most advanced, dynamic sports clinics in the UAE. Comprising an award-winning team of multidisciplinary experts, offering integrated, ethical healthcare. The clinicians at UPANDRUNNING are specialist practitioners that work together to cover all aspects of sports medicine, rehabilitation services, high performance training and education.


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Optimal Clinic

We are dedicated to your recovery. Our team of experts at Optimal Clinic will help you understand and overcome any discomfort, from ache to injury, allowing you to quickly and safely return to pain-free life. Our multidisciplinary team works together to successfully treat a variety of conditions, from chronic pain to women’s health issues. Our patients are the core of our philosophy and our sole mission is to get you back in your game, on your bike or simply just back on track quickly and effectively.

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RU Active Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre

RU Active Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre offers the highest quality assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. We want to keep you doing what you love, by providing straightforward advice and an honest treatment option with a self-managed approach in rehabilitation.

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Perfect Balance Rehabilitation Centre

Founded by Amy Gilbert, Perfect Balance Rehabilitation Centre was developed to provide the Abu Dhabi community with access to state-of-the-art rehabilitation services provided by highly experienced and dedicated health professionals.


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Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic (DISC)

 DISC is a modern, innovative, health and wellness clinic that uses an integrative approach to injury prevention, rehabilitation, pain management, and movement therapy. Dedicated to helping you live to your full physical potential.

Since 2014 the DISC team has been serving the Dubai community and expanded to Kuwait in 2016. Our approach of holistic, interdisciplinary care aims to help not just athletes, but all clients who want to feel and move their best. Whether you’re treating an injury, or striving to lead a more pain-free lifestyle; our team is here to help and develop an effective and integrated care plan.

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BounceBack Physiotherapy was established with one goal in mind, to provide every patient with an excellent, fully comprehensive, personalised physiotherapy service. We understand that different people have different goals and expectations from physiotherapy, and we believe in taking time to understand each individuals needs and condition, enabling us to provide a more individualised treatment approach.

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