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With its pioneering medical studies on venous return conducted since 1998, BV SPORT has earned its place as the reference in the world of support and compression technology for both top-level professionnal and amateur athletes. 20 years of scientific studies, several clinical studies have been published in leading international scientific press reviews. 3 patents and 16 years working closely with the technical and medical staff of professionnal sports federations as well as club mean that today we are able to offer a wide range of technical products suitable for use in any sport.


Our production plant is in Saint-Etienne, a few minutes from Geoffroy Guichard Stadium. We manufacture all our support/compression product ranges. The product ranges meet the demanding set of specifications defined by sports doctors and textile engineers at our research and development centre.

Our support/compression ranges are designed and made on circular knitting machines. This technical manufacture ensures greater « quality control » of the compression pressure and more accurate sizing. In addition, our manufacturing plant meets the requirements of a quality system that guarantees total traceability as well as optimum quality and production monitoring.

Shop BV SPORT Compression Dubai Running socks allow you to increase your performances whilst keeping a high level of comfort. Whether you need socks for running, trail, multisports or cycling, we offer a complete range that will meet the most demanding athletes’expectations. These socks are optimized in order to enable a better support and ventilation on the top of the feet.


Odiah Sidibé persuaded the male and female relay athletes to test out the BV SPORT® concept. They declared that it improves performance, reduces the risk of injury and speeds up recovery. In order to fulfil the wishes of the athletes who wanted to keep their ankle socks or hav e bare feet under their shoes, BV SPORT® launched its innovativ e compression BOOSTER sleeve design on the market! Since 2011, BV SPORT® has been a partner of the French Athletics Federation

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