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Featuring world-class brands including Secret Training, Runderwear, Naked and KitBrix, the Sported Shop offers everything you need to take your running, cycling and multi-sport performance to the next level.

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Race Calendar
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UAE Race Calendar

Our Race Calendar lists all running, cycling and multi-sport events across the United Arab Emirates in one simple calendar, which even includes some events in other Middle Eastern countries such as Oman and Bahrain.

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Sports Coaches
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Sports Coaching

Are you looking for a new PB, a podium or world championship slot? Get access to a network of sports coaches and start improving today.

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Sports Clinics

Sports Clinics

Recommended by your fellow athletes as highly valued clinics and professionals. These experts keep us doing what we love!

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Coast-To-Coast - Organisation - Hydration

Chance to win an entry to The Coast-to-Coast!! Easy to use STEALTH offer & start training for 'The Coast-to-Coast. Pack everything for your next session in a practical and eye catching UAE Ballistic Bag!

Sported Blog for Athletes

From expert advice to inspirational stories and race reports, our blog is here to help our community learn, share experiences and succeed together.


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