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The award-winning Accelerate, packed with strategically placed maximum cushioning, giving you extra comfort and support when you need to power through a demanding workout. Added anti-odor technology and sweat-wicking fabrics helps keep your feet dry and fresh. A true ankle sock, made to perform.




  • Made with recycled materials
  • Ideal for cold weather
  • Seamless toe for anti-blister protection
  • Maximum cushioning
  • Reflective logo
  • Breathable mesh zones
  • Arch support
  • Anti-odor technology
  • Lifetime guarantee


We add odor control technology, which prevents bacteria, maintains freshness and prevents perma-stink. Simply air-dry the socks and use them again and again.


  • Do Not Iron
  • Do Not Dry Clean
  • Machine Wash At 30°C
  • Do Not Tumble Dry
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Use Softener


By purchasing our products, you help remove plastic waste from oceans, preventing sea life being caught in discarded fishing nets. Our Partner Econyl collects plastic waste from oceans, producing premium regenerated Nylon, enabling us to create high-end apparel.


Helps protect your feet on technical terrains and longer distances.

Size Chart

Accelerate 1280x425


What Is Covered In The Guarantee?

All Rockay products are covered under our ROCKSOLID GUARANTEE and we are aware that from time-to-time faults can occur. Should a product fail due to manufacturing defects in workmanship and/or materials, or a genuine fault, we will replace the product at our discretion free of charge. If that specific product is no longer available, we’ll replace it with an alternative from our current range that’s as close to it as possible.

How Long Is The Apparel And Accessories Guaranteed?

All Rockay Apparel and Accessories are backed with our ROCKSOLID GUARANTEE for two years. Make sure to retain your proof of receipt including the order date to ensure we can process your claim. All products that fall under the Apparel and Accessories categories apply.

How Long Are The Socks And Sleeves Guaranteed?

All Rockay Socks and Sleeves are backed with our ROCKSOLID GUARANTEE for an entire lifetime! Even with this lifetime coverage we will require proof of receipt to process your claim. All products that fall under Socks and Sleeves categories apply.

What’s Not Covered In The Guarantee?

Our ROCKSOLID GUARANTEE covers genuine manufacturing faults or defects only, and does not cover normal, everyday wear and tear. The following reasons are not eligible for a guarantee claim:

  • Wear and tear: anything that’s reaching or has reached the end of its serviceable life.
  • Accidental damage: whether it’s caused by you or someone else – this includes rips, cuts, scuffs, tears, abrasions, odors and stains.
  • Damage caused by misuse or alteration of the product.
  • Second hand items: our guarantee is only covered for the original owner who authorized the payment.
  • Poor aftercare: your product should be cared for and properly maintained using on-site guidelines.


Thank you for buying Rockay, Following our care instructions will help make sure that your product has a long and sustainable life…


All of our products are treated with Polygiene, an anti odour coating which means you can Wear More and Wash Less. No need to wash Polygiene treated clothing as often. Just lay out to dry in between each use and odor-causing bacteria is absorbed by Polygiene. Less odor means treated textiles do not need to be washed as often. You’ll conserve water, minimize wear and tear on your garments in the process.
Naturally less odor
Line dry your Rockay product. Turn bright or dark items inside out to reduce fading,
Line drying saves energy and reduces environmental impact. And it uses a great natural resource, our sun.
Putting your products into a filter wash bag, before washing by hand or machine can
significantly reduce the flow of microfibers into your drain. Another option is a permanent washing machine filter. For both of these filter options,
make sure you clean out your filter bags after a few washes when you can visually see that fibers have collected. Wipe the fibers out with your finger
and put the fibers in your trash bin.
Adding fabric softener to your laundering process can increase softness but it achieves the improved hand feel by depositing waxy agents on the surface of the fabric. This waxy
residue left behind on your clothes can break down the Polygiene anti odor coating:
  • Impair moisture wicking/ quick drying
  • Inhibit odor control
  • Reduce longevity of spandex content

Product Care

Product Care

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