The Flying Dutchman Team

The Flying Dutchman Team is an endurance/triathlon team founded in 2016 in Dubai. Our mission is to support any level of athlete in this world to try and achieve whatever they think is impossible

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The Flying Dutchman Team is coached out of Singapore. 95% of the athletes live, work and train in the UAE but we also have athletes based in Jordan, Sweden, Germany, Singapore and the Netherlands. Each and every athlete gets a PERSONALIZED coaching program which is based on his/her specific goals.

Coaching is FULL TIME so not a “job besides another job” which guarantees personal contact is always possible, adjustments to the program can be done at any time and daily feedback being delivered.

Why Choose The Flying Dutchman Team Triathlon & Endurance Coaching. Nutrition advice coming up in 2022

Our Coaching Programs are personal and fully customized based on the individual targets and goals set by the athlete.

We offer:

  • Personal Online coaching with individual, custom made workouts via TrainingPeaks
  • Daily monitoring / feedback / analysis for all workouts
  • Daily adjustments when life changes ask for it (sickness, injury, work etc…)
  • Always availability via WhatsApp/Email/Skype/Messenger contact with our coach 7 days a week
  • Monthly detailed email including the athlete’s performance dashboard and explanation.
  • INSCYD Cycling and Running Testing measuring your VO2max, Vlamax, Anaerobic Threshold, Fat & Carbohydrate combustion rates and Lactate combustion values.
  • CSS swim speed testing
  • FTP/4DP cycling power testing.
  • Running speed & power testing
  • MAF (Max Aerobic Fitness) testing
  • Support for WHOOP so we get more detailed info about your strain/HRV/recovery/sleep.
  • Nutrition advice
  • Support for indoor cycling programs like – Sufferfest, Zwift & Trainerroad
  • 24/7 WhatsApp contact with your fellow athletes via our “The Flying Dutchman group”
  • A private Facebook Group Page where we post articles/tips/manuals/advice

and MOST IMPORTANT – a fantastic group of enthusiastic athletes who help and support each other at all times!


  • IronMan Coaching Certification
  • TrainingPeaks Essentials, Advanced Essentials, Power Certification
  • INSCYD – How to use the Power Performance Decoder Certification
  • Endure IQ – Long Distance Triathlon 101 - Low Carb performance for long distance triathlon
  • Endure IQ – Long Distance Triathlon 102 – Training Program Fundamentals for Long Distance Triathlon
  • Endure IQ – Long Distance Triathlon 103 – Optimizing Long Distance Triathlon Training and Performance in the Heat

Class Schedule

No “organized “classes” but a lot of “mixed group rides and runs.

Group classes

Tuesday Morning – Strength at the Beach