Nutrition Plan for Olympic Distance Triathlon

Olympic distance triathlon: 1.5km swim/ 40km bike/ 10km run


An early breakfast is recommended shortly after waking up. Typically this would be around 3 hours before the start of the event and a meal of something such as oats, porridge or our own favourite of brown toast and a generous covering of honey. 

Pre race

Recommend to sip on 500ml of Training Mix: slow release carbohydrates as you drive to the race to properly hydrate especially if the weather is predicted to be hot and humid. As you prep your bike in T1, which would normally be 45 minutes before the gun goes, have a banana which is a ready source of carbohydrates and easy to absorb. As you head down to the beach there is a last chance to pre-hydrate with an electrolyte drink and take a gel (22g of carbs) before the race.

The Bike

Race Mix containing 40 g of fast acting carbohydrates per liter coupled with 2-3 Isotonic gels  (66g) should provide enough fast acting carbohydrates to fuel your race. Total carbs 100g. If you want more carbs in your bottle it is not quite as simple as adding more scoops of the powder mix. This can often result in a drink that is too sweet. The simplest way of upping the carbohydrate content of your drink  is to add some unflavored Maltodextrin + or Race Maize

The Run

Two Caffeine gels to be taken at 2km and 7km. Caffeine gels can provide that boost when fatigue starts to set in as you enter the final laps of the event. Caffeine gels contain 22g of carbs and 75mg of Caffeine.

Post Race

A protein shake containing 20g of fast acting protein within 20 minutes of the finish will help your muscles recover. 

By Secret Training

Posted on 3rd Oct 2023