Ironman Training and Ironman Fuelling

First thing is you need a strategy. The fueling and hydration strategy should aim to provide you with around 80-90g of carbohydrates per hour over the duration of the race. You need to factor in that you cannot fuel on the swim itself: fueling is easier on the bike than the run. You should aim for around 100g of carbs per hour on the bike and 60-70 on the run. Important point here is that if you forget to eat for an hour you cannot put 200g safely into your body in the next hour to make up for what you forgot. It is important to eat regularly and have a plan. 

Practice your nutrition strategy 2-3 times before race day so you know it works and therefore you can’t blame the nutrition for a crap race. It is important to train your gut to accommodate the carbs you are going to eat on race day. The point here is if you do your training with low carbs all the time your body will not be able to process the carbs come race day. Think big picture.

What you eat the day before and on the morning of the race are important parts of the strategy.

Ideally you should train and race with the same products, in a perfect world you should try and be as self sufficient as possible.

On race day we recommend BiG Endurance which contains 100g of carbs per 500ml bottle for the bike. So if you assume you will do a 6 hour bike then that’s 600g you need of carbs.  Therefore 3 litres of BiG Endurance and some gels and bars for variety. But include some little motivational treats such as a mini Mars bar which can be taken after every 2 hours? It gives you something to look forward too.

For the run where it is harder to get fuel in, and you are getting more fatigued this becomes more of a challenge. Aim for 60g per hour from isotonic gels and caffeine gels. Take bananas from the aid stations and flat coke for the last 2 hours. 

It is important to take protein after long workouts within 20 mins of finishing the work out. 20g of protein within 20-30 minutes is the normal rule.

STEALTH Big Endurance Drink Mix Peppermint 700g – Sported

BiG Endurance Mix comes in three flavours: Peppermint, Watermelon and Pineapple.

By Secret Training

Posted on 11th Sep 2023