HYROX Nutrition plan


Hyrox is a high intensity event where participants will be working at or above their aerobic threshold for most of the activity which can last somewhere between 60 and 90 minutes. Its tough and intense. Therefore, it is very important to have a fueling strategy and to have practiced your strategy so that you know it works. 

Pre Race

Hydration strategy – use an energy and hydration drink such as Race Mix which contains 20g of fast acting carbs and all the electrolytes you will need. Put two scoops in a 500ml bottle and sip 15-30 minute before the race. 

STEALTH Race Mix – Lemon & Lime – Sported

Take an isotonic gel containing 22g of fast acting carbs 5-10 mins before your race starts. The gels are easy to absorb and no extra fluid is normally required. You can event take this while you line-up for your heat.

STEALTH Advanced Isotonic Energy Gel – Lemon&Lime – Sported

During the Race

Take another gel every 20-30 minutes. When you think you have approximately 30 minutes to go take a Caffeine gel (22g of carbs) as this will provide you with an extra boost and the betaine acts as an anti fatiguing agent.

Post Race

Post race and if you are competing in a second race then take 500ml to 1 litre of the Race Mix to replenish your body and carb load for the next one.

By Secret Training

Posted on 30th Aug 2023