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Recovery yes; adaptation even better. What you really want is for your muscles to get stronger (adapt) after a training session or race.

For adaptation your body needs to replenish amino acids to provide the building blocks to build stronger muscles. This creates more endurance and power in the muscle by increasing muscle fibers and mitochondria.

Our Protein products are designed with optimal recovery and adaptation in mind.

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    STEALTH Cherry Whey Protein Drink Mix 660g

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    STEALTH Whey Protein Drink Mix 660g – Banana

    AED 200.00 View Product

    STEALTH Vegan Recovery Protein Drink Mix 660g – Mint Chocolate

    AED 175.00 View Product

    STEALTH Night Time Protein Drink Mix (Chocolate) 500g – Buy One Get One free – Short Exp Date

    AED 210.00 View Product

    STEALTH ELLAGITHIN soluble fibre

    AED 145.00 View Product