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Strong, water-resistant and modular

KitBrix is a robust, modular bag, designed to help organise and protect kit for people active in all types of sport. It has a robust and waterproof base, safety pocket, mesh pockets for extra items, a water-resistant zip and icons to help organise kit. Strong, water-resistant and modular. It can be stored in the garage, in the car, home or locker for easy access.

Maximise your training and race day preparation

Each KitBrix bag can be zipped to another to form a rucksack, saving time in transition and travel to maximise your training and race day preparation. Had a tough swim? Keep your wetsuit separated in one KitBrix and the rest of your gear dry. Accessories from the range only serve to enhance the benefits for better packing and training time.

Works hard and removes stress

Professionally selected high quality fabrics, intelligent layout and functionality that works hard for you. Enabling time saving convenience, ease of use and access removing stress each day.

Waterproof base to protect your gear

A rugged waterproof base protects your gear against the pool and outside elements time and time again meaning you don’t have to worry about the rain, rocks or wind.

Easy to clean

The inside of your KitBrix is durable with a double lined tarpaulin. Get it dirty? Just wipe clean after use or hose your KitBrix down.

Ultimate comfort

Each KitBrix has a large, reinforced grab handle and padded shoulder strap for ultimate comfort on the go.

An earned reputation for quality

KitBrix’s unmatched build quality keeps your belongings organised, secure and ready to use at a moment’s notice, saving time and money. Used by elite athletes in a variety of sports, and winner of BikeBiz awards.

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    The KitBrix Bag – Ballistic – variety of colours available

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    UAE Flag KitBrix Bag Ballistic Limited Edition

    UAE Flag KitBrix Bag Ballistic Limited Edition

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    Stars & Stripes KitBrix Ballistic Bag limited edition

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    Union Jack KitBrix Bag Ballistic- Limited Edition

    AED 375.00 View product

    Spartan Kitbrix Bag – Ballistic

    AED 375.00 View product
    WhatsApp Image 2021 11 18 at 5.53.43 AM

    Kitbrix Ballistic Duo Bundle – Choice of Colours

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    AED 287.00 View product

    Kitbrix Ballistic 3 bag bundle – mix of colours available

    AED 750.00 View product

    DobiPak (Dry Bag)

    AED 72.00 View product
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    AED 99.00 View product

    UAE Dobi Bag

    AED 120.00 View product

    My Tri Club Dobi bag

    AED 120.00 View product

    The PoKit DayPack with 2 water proof compartments

    AED 144.00 View product