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ZEN8 Indoor Swim Trainer for Triathletes, Swimmers & Surfers

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Train at home and become faster, stronger and more confident in the water with faster results than ever before. Join some of the most successful athletes, coaches and thousands of happy customers who depend on ZEN8 in their training.

Never miss a workout again, no matter how busy life gets.

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  • Triathletes who lack time  – Enjoy consistency and swim stronger. Longer. Perfect before a bike ride, or instead of paddle sets in the pool. Swim Faster in weeks.
  • Surfers on flat days  – The back tension and paddle strength you get from this is unmatched. Be prepared for your next surf, and surf stronger and more confident.
  • Competitive Swimmers – build swim-specific strength and muscle memory. Great for younger developing swimmers.
  • Those who’ve hit a plateau in their swimming. Whether it’s because you lack strength, endurance or technique the ZEN8 will help you break through.
  • Sinky legs? The Swim Bench will challenge you to improve your core stability and body position to minimise drag in the water.
  • Can’t stand the early morning swim? – Get it done at home and save hours. 
  • Beginner or PRO – Young or Old – power up your swim engine whenever/wherever.
  • TRIATHLETES – Recommended sessions are 10 – 30 minutes depending on workout. 1 – 4 times per week on top of your in-water sessions. Great on days when time is not on your side.
  • SURFERS – This is an essential tool if you live far from the sea or want to maintain and build surf-fitness. Use this 10 – 20 minutes / 2 – 4 times per week to be ready for your next surf trip.
  • SWIMMERS – Pool side or at-home to get an edge on the competition. Build swim-specific strength, improve technique and body control on the unique ZEN8 Swim Bench. 
  • GENERAL UPPER BODY STRENGTH  – Improve upper body strength without bulking up. Core stability and balance. Great for cyclists, runners and for general fitness.
  • A Swim Bench like no other. Specifically designed to fire up your core and encourages an early catch so you can catch more water.
  • Maximize Propulsion with added stress to your muscles. The water will be no match for you after a few weeks. Swim Stronger. Longer.
  • Refine Technique – The beauty of training on the ZEN8 is that you can isolate and visualize every move. Perfect your catch in no time. 
  • SAVE TIME – To seriously improve your swim you need at least 4-6 swim sessions / week. Combine ZEN8 with in-water sessions to save time.
  • Portable & Inflatable Swim-Bench – with Core Activation & Body Control Technology 35x50x80cm (13,8×19,7×31,5″)
  • Bench Cover – Antibacterial Mesh for comfort
  • ZEN8 Swim Cords With Paddles – Level 1 (3.6 – 10,8kg / 8 – 24lbs). For Beginners – Pros
  • Hand Pump
  • Links to Instruction / Setup Video & FREE 2 Week Coaching Trial



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A unique swim bench designed to help you work on technique, back endurance, core activation, simulating swimming & surfboard action and improve balance.
A first of its kind Swim Bench that you can travel with and easily store away after using it, weighing in at 2.9kg.

The multi-layered cover is made for comfort and to keep the inflatable bench at a perfect width and height to promote a high elbow catch as well as to prevent the structured inner bench from being damaged.