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Go long in the most cushioned, widest toe box shoe ever from VJ.  Everything you would expect: Grip, Fit, Durable. Less of something you might not expect: weight.  Go long, go short, go trail, go mud.  Just go Ultra.  VJ Ultra and VJ Max not advisable in soft sand.  If you’re going in soft sand go for the VJ XTRM



The VJ Ultra is a comfortable, long-range trail racing shoe.  A special blend of an EVA midsole and legendary VJ Grip featuring butyl rubber, the Ultra will carry you in style. The all-new, durable and breathable mesh upper is a mix of *DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers and nylon. The wider toe box gives your foot plenty of room for the long haul.  And, aggressive, angled lugs ensure maximum grip  The design of the shoe supports an easy push-off.

Here is what Coach Ole Brom has to say about the Ultra’s: While the grip is just as great as the VJ XTRM and MAXx, my opinion is that they are a bit on the soft side when running downhill on very technical descents.
The cushioning is better, but that works against itself when you have to take sudden turns on the steep downhills.  For long ultras, like the Mt. Sana, without the extreme technical parts, they would be better due to the extra cushioning

Coach Lee Harris also trialled the new Ultra’s and seems to agree with Ole’s comments:  ‘I also prefer Maxx for shorter faster technical trails and Ultra’s for longer less technical .. so yes like them both but for different occasions.   They’ve put a slight midfoot rocker in which helps on flatter trails where you just want to run steady’

Some comments seem to be that people go for half a size up compared to the VJMAXx


  • Runs true to size with more width in the toe box
  • Full-length custom EVA blend midsole
  • FitLock for midsole stability
  • The outsole is 100% Butyl-rubber
  • Strengthened rubber toe-cap
  • 4 mm aggressive lugs in the outsole
  • 33 mm/27 mm stack height – total with lugs
  • 6 mm drop
  • Weight (US 8.5): 9.3 oz (265g) – yes, that is light! 


*Kevlar® is a trademark of affiliates of DuPont™ de Nemours, Inc. used under license by VJ.

Sizing Chart


Calculate your own measurements, then select your shoe size.

22,7 3 35,5 5,5
23,1 3,5 36 6
23,5 4 37 6,5
23,9 4,5 37,5 7
24,3 5 38 7,5
24,8 5,5 39 8
25,2 6 39,5 8,5
25,6 6,5 40 9
26 7 40,5 9,5
26,4 7,5 41 10 8,5
26,8 8 42 10,5 9
27,2 8,5 42,5 11 9,5
27,6 9 43 10
28 9,5 44 10,5
28,4 10 44,5 11
28,8 10,5 45 11,5
29,2 11 45,5 12
29,6 11,5 46 12,5
30 12 47 13
30,8 13 48 14


 1   Place a sheet of paper on the floor and against a wall.

 2   Make sure that you are wearing the same socks as you would typically wear with these kinds of shoes.

 3   Wearing these socks, stand on the sheet of paper with your foot perpendicular to the wall and your heel against the wall.

 4   Then ask your friend to draw a line just in front of the longest point of your foot. Repeat with both feet and take the longer distance to determine your size.

 5   Use a ruler and measure the distance between the wall and the line that you drew to find your size. If you are between sizes, choose the bigger one.

The sizes on the table are racing fit with just a couple millimeters of free space on the toebox. If you prefer more space, go for the bigger size. 


FITS NARROW     1   2   3   4   5     FITS WIDE

We have graded the fit on all our shoes from 1 to 5 to help you find the perfect fitting shoe. Grade 1 represents our most precise and narrow fit. On the other end of the scale grade, 5 has the widest fit.

The lower number on the scale, the narrower the fit ensures minimal movement of the foot which is essential when running fast on technical terrain. The shoes with the higher numbers on the scale will suit people with wider feet and those who want extra comfort. Wider fit is usually preferred on longer runs and races because feet tend to swell during longer distances.

Customer Reviews

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Simon Pepper
Happy Feet

Took the Ultras as part of my 3 race kit for the Spartan European Championships in Switzerland. Was unsure of the terrain having never raced there before but I expected (and was happily greeted with) technical and uneven terrain on the uphills, cambered plateaus and steep Rocky and grassy downhills nevermind the 75 Spartan obstacles thrown at me over the 2 days of competition. The Ultras performed well, even with no rock plate the cushioning and the feedback meant a stable and comfortable race although change of direction on the descent switch backs was a little bit slow. Will definitely be using this shoe on some of the longer races/runs as that cushioning pushed their comfortableness up a few notches over the MAXX

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