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The Anti Blister Low-Rise Running Sock

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The Runderwear Anti-Blister Sock helps prevent blisters by using double layered technology.  The two layers rub against each other rather than your foot. The Anti-Blister Sock also uses high performance breathable fabrics ensuring the feet do not overheat offering a comfortable experience. The ergonomic design of the socks mean specific fit for left and right feet giving you greater comfort at all times. The mid-foot grip engineered within the sock holds it in place and prevents movement. These socks are perfect for Running, Hiking, Walking, Tennis, Golf or any sport that you are at risk of rubbing or friction which can cause blisters. The Runderwear socks are available in Black, Blue/White and Pink/White.

  • Left and Right footed ergonomic fit
  • Heel and toe support for added grip
  • Double layered technology to help prevent blisters
  • Breathable fabrics for moisture management – keeping your feet dry
  • Lycra Arch Support to promote anti slipping and grip the middle of the foot

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent running sock!

Read a review on these and they did not disappoint even in our climate. Excellent socks

James Joughin

Absolutely terrible - they gave me the worst blisters I've ever had from running. The socks are so thick that you need to go up 0.5 in shoe size. If you do, I'm sure they're very comfortable. If you don't, it's agony.