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WâHat The Oryx Tent – 2.5 x 2.5m

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Innovation, comfort, strength and quickness. WâHat being the first of its kind. Our tents was designed with versatility in-mind, class leading multiple connection points with quick release and connect carabiner system allowing true stretch versatility in any environment.


WâHat shading is adjustable to your comfort, as the sun moves throughout the day simply adjust the height of the poles or position the sandbags to the necessary position. With ease of setup and versatility in mind, the connection of the ropes to the sandbags is just a click of a carabiner away. No ties to worry about. You can even attach easily the carabiners to any anchor point around the scene.

WâHat’s rust-proof lightweight aluminium telescopic poles are adjustable to any required height reaching max height of 2.3m. Specially designed silicone-ball topping that allows stronger tension without damaging your WâHat and rubber-feet to grip the toughest terrains.

UPF 50+
Water resistant
Memory Four Way Stretch

What’s included:

– The Oryx sunshade Medium (2.5 x 2.5m unstretched)

– Carrying bag

– 4 Rust-proof lightweight aluminium telescopic poles (Max length 2.3m)

– 4 V-link lanyards for stakes

– 8 Lightweight heavy duty stakes

– 6 Stretchable sandbags to fill with natural resources like sand or rocks

– 6 Light reflective adjustable ropes

– 6 Lightweight Carabiners


How much should I stretch the tent?

Our canopy is the most premium materials. It can be stretched in all directions to ensure strong stability and optimum shade. Don’t be scared to stretch it as far as need be, it is untearable as confirmed by our meanest tests!

How far should I position the poles from the corners?

Our experts would recommend at least 40cm from the corners.

How should I care for my WâHat?

Here are some care tips to help keep your WâHat in great shape:

* There is absolutely no issue to leave the tent up for a long period of time if that’s what you need. However, keep in mind that the ageing of the canopy material would be optimized should you regularly pack the tent, typically every 48h.

* Before packing away your WâHat, shake out the sand and make sure the tent and all parts are dry.

* If you are adding rocks to the sandbags, avoid using sharp or abrasive rocks or objects as these may rip holes in the fabric.