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Indestructible Carbon Chamois 

Fast and comfortable fit 

Premium Italian fabric with heat- and sun protection (ColdBlack®) 



Indestructible Carbon Chamois 

Fast and comfortable fit 

Premium Italian fabric with heat- and sun protection (ColdBlack®) 

The StrongRide Bike Bib Short Mk II is an improved version of our popular DuraRide Bike Bib. Improvements include longer legs, heat-sensitive leg-gripper and better ventilated bib (top part). The StrongRide Bike Bib Short Mk II is constructed to make you ride fast and long hours. Premium 200gr Italian fabric to support muscles and reduce fatigue. The elastic warp knit fabric with light compression has anti-bacterial, wicking, quick dry and cooling (ColdBlack®) features. The high-end chamois is made for long rides as well as fast intervals – and you cannot wear this carbon pad out – even after hundreds of hours, the shape stays the same. Match it with the Ultra marine Fe226 StrongRide Bike Jersey and the Ultra marine Fe226 Performance Socks 

Design and Construction
When racing the roads, the bib shorts are decisive to your performance as well as your comfort. The StrongRide Bike Bib Short Mk II are designed with the perfect balance between performance and comfort allowing you to use theses shorts in both training, granfondos and road races. 

StrongRide Bib Shorts are designed and constructed for high performance with an aero-dynamic and compressive fit that reduces muscle fatigue and maximises power transition from muscle to movement. But at the same time, the StrongRide Bike Bib Short Mk II offer you maximum comfort through the unique elastic warp knitted fabric and the best-in-class chamois. The bib shorts offers you features such as: 

  • The premium Italian warp-knitting is unique in its performance enhancing features 
  • The bib straps are highly ventilated and supports your core for optimal race position 
  • Longer legs and heat-sensitive leg-gripper to optimize aerodynamics 
  • Reflective branding pattern to keep you visible in the dark  

MITITECH®POWER: An elastic warp knit fabric engineered by high-end Italian mill MITI SpA and targeted to the very best and most demanding sportswear garments. This fabric demonstrates compression and comfort features that are ideal to foster and improve final your athletic performance. 

Fe226 StrongRide Bike Bib Short Mk II features:  

  • Innovative warp knitting: This warp knit fabric is among the most innovative solutions within cycling worldwide. It has been developed by the leading Italian performance fabric developer, a company that is rewarded worldwide as the leading innovative mill for technical fabrics highly appreciated in all the high demanding active sports markets  
  • Muscle support: With genuine compression performance this fabric offers excellent muscle support during your exercise be it training or competition.  
  • 4-way stretch: This fabric has 4-way stretch offering you an extraordinary freedom of movement while maintaining the muscle support.  
  • Pilling resistance: This fabric’s durability has been tested using the Martindale Abrasion Resistance Test with maximum scores (5 out of 5)  
  • UVA and UVB protection: This fabric has shown the highest protection level of 50+  

Additional Treatments: The fabric has been treated with…  

  • ColdBlack® to keep you cool even in the hottest conditions  
  • QuickDry for fast drying  
  • Wicking to keep your skin dry during workout  
  • Anti-bacterial to keep your product odor-free 

The Chamois is a high-end road cycling pad. It is the first ever pad to be based on elastic warp-knit fabric with carbon. It is designed for extra long distance rides with an innovative structure featuring a multidirectional curvature that delivers perfect fit and great stability in the saddle. Further, this chamois offers you a special ultra-high density perineal insert (pelvic track), and unmatched ischiatic support that comes in handy to riders that take on a more upright position in the saddle (shifting the pressure more towards the back of the saddle than the front). A specific study on how genitals move during cycling, inspired the development of a special “encased” shaping in the top part of the chamois which allows for improved fit and greater privacy.


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Best Bib I have

It's an excellent product, as described! Highly recommended!

Dear Clement, great to hear you're having a comfortable ride!
keep the good work, Rianca