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Ideal for road cycling, mountain biking, gravel riding, and running, the Cutline combines wide, wraparound shield lenses with renowned Rudy Project state-of-the-art eyewear technologies. With the push of a button, lens swaps have never been faster or easier. Adjustable temple tips and nose pads ensure a great fit, no matter your face’s shape. Power Flow ventilation on the bumpers, lens and temples, keep the air flowing and the fog away. Customize the Cutline for how you ride with all 3 bumpers installed for more protection, just 1 on the top, or go bumper free for the lightest setup and maximum field of vision. Its modular features, RX adaptability, and edgy styling make the Cutline the eyewear choice for the 2020s.

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Frame: Lagoon Matte
Bumpers: Grey
Lenses: ImpactX Photochromic 2 Laser Black
LTV: 13% – 62%

LTV: 13% – 62%LTV (Light Transmission Value) denotes how much light transmits through the lens. Low values are great for sunny conditions, and high values are great for less sun. Lenses with a range change their LTV based on the condition they’re exposed to.


– Interchangeable Lenses
– Adjustable Anti Slip Nosepads
– Fully Adjustable Anti Slip Temples
– Adaptive Temple Tips
– Interchangeable Lens Bumpers
– Powerflow Extreme Ventilation
– Safety Hinges


– Weight: 1.27 ounces | 36 grams
– Eye Size: 141
– DBL: 16
– Temple: 128
– Dimensions: A-141mm B-62mm
– Base Curve: 7