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Protein Pack

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Our Protein Pack contains one kitchen size bag (660g) of whey Protein Supplement, in either Banana, or cherry flavors, together with one bag of the Night Time Protein Supplement.  The Whey Protein provides 20g of protein per 33g serving and for the best results should be mixed with water and consumed within 20-30 minutes of completing hard exercise.  Night Time Protein contains 20g of slow release protein and is best consumed one hour before sleep or extended rest.  it’s the ideal product when you are undertaking hard blocks of exercise and have additional protein requirements.

This pack saves you 16% off retail price and comes with a FREE Secret Training Protein Shaker worth 35AED!

Please leave a note at check out to tell us your choice of flavor for the Whey Protein!




The Night Time protein to be taken before bed this will maintain your protein pool overnight which will help to continue adaptation. May help with getting a better sleep and if you tend to have the munchies before bed time then have this instead! Vegetarian.

  • 1 x 500g
  • With Native Micellar Casein – from grass fed cows, it’s RBST (Recombinant bovine somatotropin) free, non GMO.
  • Cold temperature processed to maintain native protein and micellar structure in natural state to ensure a slow digestion profile.
  • Uses CMF (ceramic membrane filtration to remove bacteria rather than heat which can potentially damage the protein.
  • Contains Ellagithin.
  • Fortified with Magnesium, B vitamins and Glycine to help improve sleep quality and improve hormone levels.
  • Contains 20g of protein per serving

Whey protein will most likely have the strongest adaptation effect using the amino acid L-Leucine. It is vegetarian. Mix with water (not dairy) for optimum effect. Also contains electrolytes and some carbohydrates (10g) to replenish glycogen stores and create an insulin response to prevent muscle breakdown. Take within 20-30 minutes after training/race.