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B70 Hydra Vision Goggles – NEW

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The Hydra Vision goggle is built with the latest soft frame technology with emphasis on visibility. It features improved hydrodynamics in the water with an integrated strap adjustment and a unibody nose bridge that keeps the curved lenses close to the face.



Did you know it’s important to treat your goggles with care, just as you would a nice pair of sunglasses? Improper care will lead to scratches, deterioration of the anti-fog coating and overall damage. Follow our tips for keeping your goggles in top shape for as long as possible.

Rinse after use. Always rinse your goggles in cool fresh water after every use and allow to dry.

Don’t rub or scrub the insides. Our goggle lenses have an anti-fog coating to help keep your vision crystal clear while swimming. This coating can be destroyed by rubbing or scrubbing the inside of the goggles. Over time this coating will wear out with use, but avoid rubbing to prolong the life of your goggles.

Let your goggles air dry. Wiping the moisture off your goggles will damage the anti-fog coating that is on the inside of the lenses. Likewise, simply tossing them into your swim bag can scratch them or allow for bacterial build up if left in a damp, musty environment. We recommend hanging your goggles on the outside of your bag to dry or laying them flat in a safe location whenever possible.

Goggles fogging up? The anti-fog coating applied to all our goggles is designed to to limit the risk of goggles fogging and obscuring your view underwater. This will work most of the time, however some temperature differences may be too great for goggles to overcome such as cold goggles in your bag put into very warm pool water, or the opposite, or warm goggles from in your car taken into cold lake or ocean water. If your goggles fog, simply dip them in the water, shake out the drops and keep going. As your goggles age, the anti-fog coating will wear away through use. This is normal and usually a sign that it’s time to replace the goggles. If you’ve taken good care of them and the gaskets and lenses are still in great shape, you can simply use an anti-fog spray before each swim to keep using those favorite goggles until they fall apart.


The color or shade of your goggle lens is designed to do more than look sweet while swimming. Colored colored lenses perform differently in various light and weather conditions, so choosing a goggle lens color for your swimming location or need is recommended vs picking the color you like best. Of course, the choice is up to you, but here’s our recommendations for picking your lens color:

Clear Lens Perfect for low light conditions such as those found in a dimly lit indoor pool, or outdoors when the sun is not present (before sunrise and after sunset).

Yellow and Amber Lens Great for low light conditions, overcast weather and indoor swimming. These lenses will add brightness to your vision.

Blue Lens Blue lenses are similar to Yellow and Amber lenses in that they work well in low light conditions. They also cut a bit of the brightness from the sun when swimming outdoors, just not as much as the Smoke or Mirror tinted lenses.

Smoke Superb for sunny days providing a similar effect as sunglasses. While they will darken one’s field of vision when used indoors, you can still swim with smoke lenses indoors.

Mirrored The tint of Mirrored lenses are ideal for swimming in full sun and bright light conditions. They provide a darker tint than the Smoke lens.

Polarized Polarized lenses eliminate reflections and provide superior clarity of vision. They are optimal for changing lighting conditions such as partly cloudy days. Polarized lens can also come in lighter and darker tints which will help in bright light.

*Please note, not all goggles styles are available in every lens color option.