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Naked Running Band

AED 230.00

Or 3 interest-free monthly instalments on orders over
AED 500.00
with postpay

The original high performance multi sport hydration waist band for carrying hydration, fuel and accessories. Run light and free.

Please measure yourself and watch the video, the sizes and inches are not the same as your usual size, if in doubt go a size up!

For women with an ‘hour glass’ shape it might be better to measure and wear the band on the narrowest part of your waist, as the band may otherwise ride up.  If in doubt please come to our showroom for a fitting, or give us a call.



Shop for your Naked Running Band in Dubai…

Naked® Running Band is a high-performance and high-capacity 4-way power mesh band for hydration and accessories that fits comfortably around your waist. It is the lightest, most breathable, non-chafing, bounce-resistant and versatile product of its kind, with 3 individual pockets (opening with easy pull tabs) and elastic loops in the back. To use it, simply put your feet through the continuous loop band and slide it up and over your hips. No further adjustment is required.

Naked Running Band Features

Unlike other products on the market, it is not limited to one brand/model of flask and can carry multiple bottles of different sizes (e.g. 6 oz. hard shells, 500ml collapsible, etc.), depending on your training/racing needs and preferences (note: flasks not supplied). Uniquely, it can hold any model of the newest large format smart phones. Its pockets can securely hold many other accessories, including energy gels and bars, keys, sunglasses, headlamp, even a banana!

On the back (or actually wherever you choose to wear it!), are two silicone backed elastic straps designed to carry your rain shell that also doubles as a secure trekking pole carrier. It features built-in race number shock cord attachments (gone is the fumbling with “safety” pins at 5 am…) and a key hook for expensive key fobs.

Naked® Running Band’s total capacity is a whopping 2+ liters. Above all, nothing bounces or shifts while running – all while remaining comfortable.

Because of its unique weight distributing exo-skeleton and quick-drying power mesh fabric (and lack of belts and buckles) there are no “hot spots”, crucial for long-distance events. At a scant 2.3 oz it is super light weight.

Naked® Running Band has proven performance for carrying hydration flasks, accessories and other stuff in ultra trail, marathon and triathlon training and racing. It comes in a full range of sizes 1 to 12 (28″ to 39″ or 71 cm to 99 cm). We have a band for you!

The best fit…

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Size Chart

The best way to measure for the Running Band is to use a tape measure around the waist area in the area one wishes to wear it. It is most efficient to hold tape measure in a relaxed manner and not pulled tight. This can be at the navel or several inches / centimeters lower. Women tend to wear it lower. The most important thing to remember is that we have engineered the Running Band to be a compression like garment and therefore it should fit snug.

How to measure for the Naked running band

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Imma Kalangie
Great product and customer service

Super happy with the product and post sale service. The size is exactly what i need. I just didnt notice the belt is wider than i thought, my bad didnt check the dimension though its clearly explained. I visited the store, exchanged with the SL version. The store was very responsive in email , phone call and helpful. They offered me to also test the product in the store. Im super happy with the product, i can fit in soft flask and its not bouncy. Hello long run, goodbye dehydration!

Thank you Imma for your comments, we're genuinly happy to have a satisfied customer, thank you for the feedback

Priyanka Vijayan

I have a bit of wide hips and I measured before buying the band. Unfortunately it rides up every single time while running and also squeezes the bottle which makes water spill while running .. the quality of the product is good but it did not serve the purpose for me. Very disappointed that it was made to fit certain body type.

Dear Priyanka, thank you very much for your review and reaching out. I will be able to help you and fix your problem. Ideal would be if you would come to our showroom and we can fit you with the proper size. For women with an hour glass shape it is better to wear the band higher up where your waist is narrow; otherwise the band rides up in the way you experience. I will change the text on the webpage to include this information. The leaking flask can be two things, either the flask is faulty and in this case we will give you a new one, or..... the flask has a nozzle where the pressure of your teeth releases the water when you drink,. However when the material of the band presses down on the nozzle, water can also be released. I am guessing this is what you experienced and this is easy to remedy by positioning the nozzle in such a way that the material does not press on the nozzle. We will give you a call and fix all this. The naked band is our best selling product and I am confident we can fit you with a size that suits your body. kind regards, Rianca

Simon Brown

For me this running accessory has been a GAME - CHANGER. It’s allowed me to go from 5 - 10k runs to 15 - 21k runs in only a few months. Simply because of the hydration / phone / music / snacks I can comfortably carry while running! Super comfortable. Bought one for the wife for Christmas and she’s absolutely loving it as well

Thanks for the feedback Simon, great to hear the Naked Band is helping to keep you and your wife moving in comfort. Love it! Rianca

Great stuff for running

Very useful in training for long distance running.

Dear Esme, thank you for your feedback. We're glad you found your fave running band!
Rianca and the sported team

Samantha Denichaud
Brilliant Little Thing!

I got this for short distance runs BUT it's ended up being my no 1 mom-hack too because SO many of my shorts/tights have no pockets. It was amazing for desert walks and bike rides with the kids, allowing me to store everything and have hands free to take pics and manage both hounds and midgets. My youngest is always thirsty so the hydration pouch was perfect to use with this too