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Jalapeno Rear Seat Cover

AED 277.00

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AED 500.00
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Our latest product in the Dry Rub lineup, the Jalapeno Rear car seat cover is the ultimate protection for your car or truck bench seat. Say goodbye to spills, stains and smells caused by sweat, dirt and grime. Never worry about that funky locker-room smell again!

Do your vehicle and your passengers a favor by investing in the best rear seat protection for your car or truck, and never worry again about spills or muddy or sweaty passengers damaging your vehicle.

The Jalapeno Rear seat cover is waterproof, a universal fit, machine washable and installs in seconds.

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car stinks why
stains car seat




Don’t Ruin One Of Your Biggest Investments.

Your car or truck is one of the biggest and most important investments you have. Shouldn’t you do everything you can to take care of it?

Protecting your vehicle seat will save you money on car detailing, or worse, having to replace your car seat because of the sweat, bacteria and funkiness in your vehicle.




car stinks why

Fido Approved!

Comfortable enough for people and durable enough for 4-legged friends.

Drive without worry while your pups nap in the back!

Whenever it gets dirty, just machine wash it and hang dry so you can spend time doing what you love.





dry rub athletic gear

The perfect car seat cover for parents and athletes

The Jalapeno Rear seat cover will protect your car seat from sweat, stains and funkiness so your vehicle will stay fresh and clean.

Installs in seconds. Machine washable. Universal fit.

Save your beach towels for the beach! Dry Rub seat covers are sleek, durable and built for athletes and fitness lovers.








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Men, Women and Kids LOVE Dry Rub Seat Covers!

Dry Rub seat covers were built for active people who love training in all kinds of sports and fitness activities, including…

  • Soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, lacrosse, tennis and other ball sports
  • Runners
  • Triathletes
  • CrossFitters
  • Gym-goers
  • Bodybuilders
  • Spartan Racers/OCR
  • Swimmers
  • Hikers


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