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HydraPak UltraFlask 500ML (with speed fill cap)

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Part of our ultra-light series, the 500 ml is so light, you might forget you brought it. Weighing in at just over an ounce, it’s optimal hydration, no matter what kind of runner you are. Its pliable material conforms to most pockets, it shrinks as you drink to minimize water movement and it can be used with or without the tube. Topped with a new feature, the SpeedFill™ cap, makes aid station refills a breeze. Ultra light weight, ultra useful.

  1. A great hydration addition or replacement to your running vest, pack, or belt pocket
  2. Vest-pack fit provides bounce-free stability and a flexible flask shoulder to prevent chafing so you can focus on FKT’s and PR’s
  3. High-flow bite valve auto-seals after each sip, eliminating annoying drips
  4. Large standard 42mm opening lets you fill the UltraFlask easily with ice and drink mixes
  5. Customize your cap with two options depending on your run or vest, directly mount your bite valve or use the straw cap (4 in / 100 mm)
  6. Made of ultra-durable, abrasion resistant TPU & RF welded seams for superior durability and elasticity
  7. 100% BPA & PVC free, wide working temperature range (can be frozen – max temp 60° C / 140° F)


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    Soft material conforms to most hydration vests, belts, or pack pockets


    Flexible design shrinks as you drink reducing water movement


    Choose between a bite valve and a drink tube cap


    Topped with a flip top cap for fast refills at aid stations

    500 ml / 17 fl oz
    186mm x 58 mm / 7.3 x 2.3 in
    41 g / 1.4 oz
    TPU, PP/POM, Silicone