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Greeper Laces

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GREEPER® Sports are perfect laces for all sports footwear. Greepers enables the user to loosen and tighten laces with ease and they never come undone!



Greepers are the best shoelaces you’ll ever use: simple to fit, easy to use and they never come undone! Greepers continue to gain wide acclaim in both sport and healthcare, and can be fitted to all lace up footwear.

Made with real (not elastic) laces ensures several key benefits:

  • optimum “foot to shoe coupling”
  • maximises performance of footwear
  • reduces chances of injury

Features and Benefits

Compared to Regular Laces:

  • Never come undone
  • Quick release and fastening: even with gloves on
  • Easy adjustment without retying
  • 100% confidence during sports activity
  • Loop size fully adjustable

Compared to Elastic Laces:

  • Real laces enable your shoes to provide the full support they were designed to for a better run
  • “The use of regular non elastic laces ensures optimum shoe support for the feet during exercise and reduces the chance of injury” (Jacqui Baggaley, Sports Podiatrist, Edinburgh)
  • Longer lasting – elastic laces lose elasticity after one season.
  • no tight pull of elastic laces which can get irritating during longer races

The patented GREEPER® fastening system ensures the laces never come undone and can be easily loosened and tightened.

So whether you’re off to a triathlon, the mountain trails, the park, school, the office or just chilling out, Greeper® Laces are the laces you need.

Just choose your style and colour and then place your order.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Not as fast to lace, but doesn't untie

I've put them on for my first OD triathlon, I hoped to save time during T2, but didn't help much at all (laces have to be tightened, then greepers). Does the job when it comes to keeping the shoe laced during the race, training etc. but do does a double knot...