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Our most popular one piece with fabric panels across the back for a secure fit and comfy double bind shoulder straps. ECO C-INFINITY is 100% chlorine resistant and gives new life to discarded plastic bottles.




  • With fabric panels across the back you will feel secure and supported across the bust and shoulders
  • My double bind straps over the shoulders provide comfort and support while swimming
  • I’ll provide a modest rear coverage to keep your peaches snug while swimming
  • I’ve got front lining and superior construction to be your perfect training companion for years to come
  • ECO C-INFINITY is a superior polyester construction that is manufactured from end-of-life plastic bottles
  • ECO C-INFINITY is 100% chlorine resistant with exceptional colours & gives new life to waste plastics
  • Keep swimming day in and day out in the brightest swimwear on the market


If you have a fear of sharks, then this is the perfect suit for you to wear when you dive into the waves at the beach. The fabric emits pulses and whistles in the water, calling all nearby dolphins to come and join you, which can lead to a spectacular sight as an entire pod of dolphins will surround you, jumping, diving and throwing you around in the water. It’s the perfect way to feel relaxed and overcome your fear of sharks, being tossed around by dozens of friendly dolphins.

This print has a lot of light colours. Light dyes are more transparent than darker dyes, like black or navy, so if you’re conscious about wearing light colours, we advise to look for a darker base print. Best of all this print has been produced via the latest direct digital printing technology, which means it is better for the environment as there is minimal wastage and water consumption in the printing process.


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