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Fe226 was designed with the intention of pushing the boundaries of sportswear. Every item is of such high quality, featuring unique qualities, that it can be the only one you need. The Fe226 Long Sleeve Running Shirt is one such product. It is built using a perfect-fit four-panel construction, which earned the acclaim of Runners’ World magazine, naming it “the perfect t-shirt for running”. In addition, the Long Sleeve Running Shirt is lightweight, fast-drying, has superior ventilation, odour-resistant, and sweat-wicking features that ensure a comfortable and enjoyable running experience.

The Fe226 four-panel construction ensures our Long Sleeve Running Shirt stays put during exercise and reduces chafing and irritation. We tested a variety of fabrics and opted for one that’s ultra-stretchy, wicks away sweat quickly and is highly breathable. All the seams are reinforced with a 5-thread stretch overlock for enhanced stability and stretchability, while the reflective details offer excellent visibility.

The fabric is lightweight enough to allow wind to pass through, cooling you down efficiently if you wear it as a running shirt. Yet, its insulating features will keep your core warm when used as a baselayer with an extra layer on top. We believe this makes our garment a true 2-in-1 product that excels as a running shirt and baselayer.

This Long Sleeve Running Shirt is the perfect cooling solution when worn as a stand-alone piece, and a great warming option when layered with a Cycling Jersey or Running Jacket. Constructed from an antibacterial fabric, this piece is designed to last and requires fewer washes, helping to conserve water and energy – all while saving you money.

Black is undeniably powerful and enigmatic, known for its slimming qualities and longstanding history in the fashion world. It sends a sense of authority and strength, while also being elegant, formal, and sophisticated. This shade is also the foundation for all other colors: without it, depth and variation of hue would be impossible.

Colour: Black



By rinsing under water and hanging to dry instead of washing your garments after every workout, you can reduce laundering to 3-8 occasions, helping you to reduce both washing and bacterial growth. This can result in a longer lifespan for your garments, aiding both your wallet and the environment. We understand that this may be an unconventional approach, however, we urge you to give it a try!

Train more, wash less!


High Quality: Our fabrics are carefully selected and finished to the highest standards

Perfect Fit: Developed by people who are athletes themselves

Train more, wash less: This product is antibacterial and needs less washing, it lasts much longer and helps save water and energy

All that you want – nothing you don’t: We strip each product down to the essentials – and add detail to make them unique

Timeless design: Your product should last a long time. So, you must also like to wear it for a long time. That’s why we deliberately avoid flashy prints and fashion colors

Made in Europe: For fabrics and production, we work exclusively with socially and ecologically responsible partners

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