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Customize_ME Commitment Fee

AED 350.00

Or 3 interest-free monthly instalments on orders over
AED 500.00
with postpay

Terms of business

  1. Once we have agreed with the customer on the items, numbers and price we charge a commitment fee of AED350 to start the design phase.  This is 100% deductible once the order is placed and only a one off design fee of AED160 will be shown on your first invoice. If no order is placed the AED350 fee is non-refundable. 
  2. The 160AED design fee covers no more than 4 design changes, for subsequent orders of the same items there will be no design fee provided the design remains unchanged.
  3. An extra charge may be incurred if individual changes to the main design are requested.
  4. The customer is required to sign off on a pdf of the final design before production can commence.
  5. To remove the standard manufacturer and Customize_me logos from your design a 5% fee will be added to the price of the items.
  6. The design provided by the manufacturer will remain the property of the manufacturer.
  7. A 50% payment is required on order placement with the second 50% payable before arrival of the products in the UAE. Payments should be in cleared funds to our nominated bank account, or by credit card.
  8. Estimated delivery time from the date of placing the order once the final design has been approved is 10-12 weeks
  9. The customer realizes that estimating sizing from a size chart is not easy especially for fitted garments.  The customer is responsible for choosing the correct size for each garment, ideally by trying on a sample in our showroom.  
  10. Customize_ME will replace, or refund any items in the case of manufacturing defects, or  mistakes in deviating from the agreed design.  Customize_ME is not responsible for the customer’s choice of garment sizing. 
  11. VAT at 5% is chargeable on the order.
  12. The quoted price includes shipment to the UAE and applicable import taxes and duty for UAE only. 
  13. All customers are required to sign off on a pdf of the final order quantities for orders that are not processed via the web-site.
  14. Upon arrival of the ordered items in Dubai the customer is required to physically count and sign for the items and accept the delivery. 


Commitment Fee

I accept the terms of business and I accept to pay the sum of AED 350 to start the design phase of my Customize_ME order. I understand that this fee will be fully deductible from the first order in the event that we proceed with the order, and only an AED 160 fee with be charged as a design fee. The 160AED design fee includes a maximum of 4 changes to the initial proposed design. In the event that I decide not to proceed with the first order the AED 350 will be forfeited.