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Caffeine Supplement Gel with Betaine – Berry

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Delivers caffeine fast to the muscle, 75g of caffeine, consume for a burst of power and energy, 22g of carbs. Caffeine / carbohydrate mix will decrease your fat burning and increase your carb burning mechanism, therefor in long races only use in the latter stages as you want to keep fueling from fat for as long as possible. Read here the article ‘How to Use Caffeine for Training and Race Days’!!!!

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Looking for the best Caffeine Supplement Gel in Dubai?

  • 14 x 60ml
  • Delivers caffeine fast to the muscle (High caffeine 75mg per gel)
  • Contains a unique blend of ingredients to improve performance (including: betaine, taurine and glucoronolactone)
  • Betaine has a favorable effect on body composition and can therefore increase endurance, but the main reason Tim added the betaine in this gel is that it has been shown to improve resistance to fatigue.  The evidence of this effect is with regular use, so use this gel for your hard (interval) training sessions on a regular basis.
  • Read in the link above to understand better when and how to use caffeine to your advantage.
  • Elderberry anthocyanins to increase blood flow to the muscles
  • Multiple energy substrates with sticky rice starch and fructose
Nutritional Information Per 100ml 60ml serving  
Energy 618kj/146kcal 371kj/87kcal  
Fat 0.1g 0g  
Saturates 0g 0g  
Carbohydrate 36g 22g  
Sugar 4.8g 2.9g  
Fibre 0.5g 0.3g  
Protein 0.2g 0.1g  
Salt 0.09g 0.05g  
Vitamins     RDA
C 33mg 19mg 25%
B3 6.9mg 4.1mg 26%
B5 2.6mg 1.6mg 26%
B2 0.6mg 0.4mg 26%
B6 0.6mg 0.4mg 26%
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