In 1989, the Dr Couzan and the Dr Michaël Prüfer, multiple world champion and speed skiing champion at the Albertville Winter Olympics in 1992, took an interest in improving the performance of top level athletes. The two vascular doctors combined their skills and invented a new and revolutionary concept of compression support socks designed specifically for athletes: the Booster Veins Sport system. They then founded the company BV SPORT® and filed patents. They were greeted with immediate success and welcomed by prestigious clients: BV SPORT® products are used by Europe’s leading clubs and the world’s best athletes. Our production facility, located in Saint-Étienne just a few minutes away from the Geoffroy Guichard Stadium, produces all of the compression support ranges. These product ranges meet strict specifications set by our research and development centre, which includes sports physicians and textiles engineers. Our compression support ranges are manufactured using medical circular knitting machines. This production technique enables us to indisputably control the pressure applied and cut more accurately. Our production facility applies a quality policy that guarantees complete traceability for optimum quality and production monitoring


All of the French team’s international players used the first BV SPORT® recov ery socks, produced especially for the tournament. Success was achiev ed and since then BV SPORT® has been k itting out the vast majority of French and European professional football clubs


Odiah Sidibé persuaded the male and female relay athletes to test out the BV SPORT® concept. They declared that it improv es performance, reduces the risk of injury and speeds up recov ery. In order to fulfil the wishes of the athletes who wanted to keep their ankle socks or hav e bare feet under their shoes, BV SPORT® launched its innovativ e compression BOOSTER sleeve design on the market! Since 2011, BV SPORT® has been a partner of the French Athletics Federation

I S  O N C E  A G A I N  CH A M P I O N . . . .

As in 1998 with Zinedine Zidane, the players of the French team won the trophy with BV SPORT products on their calves!