Q&A with Ruedi Wild, 2nd seeded in the Ironman70.3 Dubai 2021

Swiss PRO triathlete Ruedi Wild is seeded second in the start list of the upcoming Dubai70.3. As we are all waiting with anticipation for the start of the race, we had a quick catch up with Ruedi and asked him about his goals for the season.

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How are you feeling two weeks out of the Dubai70.3? Have you been able to train the way you wanted? How has Covid impacted your training and racing season?

I am feeling pretty good. It took me a little while to find a rhythm after the break and, to be honest, in the last couple of weeks I spent more time cross country skiing than cycling. But I did some testing recently and all the data says I am in good shape. This is why I decided to give it a go, even though usually I would do a proper long preparation before the season’s start. Of course, Covid impacted my training, it was difficult to have access to good swimming facilities, and this is why I did so much cross country skiing. Overall, I think I made the best out of it.

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Your last race was in Daytona for the PTO Champs December 2020. What are your goals and expectations for the Dubai70.3?

After Daytona, I took a 4-week break and now of course the expectations are very high. I have very good memories of the last times I competed in the Dubai70.3 (3rd in 2017, 3rd in 2018) and I really hope I can finish on the podium again. Realistically, it’s hard to say how my shape is, as always before the first race but even more so this year because it was a different kind of preparation.

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This year, the race is a month later than usual, which means that it could already be hot during the run and the swim could potentially be a non-wetsuit one. How do you think it will affect the race?

It will certainly have an impact but maybe not so much on the swim. I reckon it will be a non-wetsuit swim, but as far as I remember it was already the case in the previous editions I took part in. The hotter conditions will definitely impact the run especially since many of us triathletes didn’t have a chance to go to a training camp this year due to the circumstances. Which means it’s going to be more crucial how we do our heat preparation at home in indoor facilities. On the last bit of the run it will certainly make the difference, more than usually I would say.

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You came to Dubai last November and won the Hatta 5150 Triathlon, you finished 3rd at the 2017 and 2018 Dubai 70.3. Obviously, racing in Dubai suits you well.

What do you like so much about Dubai?

Dubai is a good spot for racing, not too far away from Switzerland, only a 6-hour flight and 3-hour time difference at this time of the year. It’s just nice to escape the winter for a little bit and I really enjoy coming from the cold to the summer weather where

life happens outdoor. Meanwhile I have become quite familiar with the city and with the training facilities and I think it’s a really nice lifestyle here and it suits me well.

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What else is on your calendar for this year?

It’s hard to say of course because of all the uncertainties. My main goal is Ironman Switzerland in July, the ITU Long Distance World Champs in the Netherlands later in September, and then potentially Kona again. But my circumstances have changed a little bit now that I have a family of two children, my daughter being born just four months ago. Life is definitely more hectic now. It’s great but it requires some improvisation with training. Kona and all the races require a lot of preparation and I have to see how I can adjust with the family life. I am just focusing on my next race for now, the Dubai70.3, and I enjoy very much what I do at the moment.

Ruedi, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions despite your busy schedule. All the best for your race! We all look forward to seeing you back in Dubai!

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Posted on 3rd Mar 2021