Top 5 ways these ultra-running shoes will make you win your next race #VJShoes

Running might be an urban sport in the main, but running off the beaten track in the even greater outdoors is so rewarding, especially in our beautiful part of the world! But it’s a whole new set of disciplines and challenges – from trail running, sky running (running at altitude) and OCR (obstacle course racing). These different terrains pose new technical challenges, so you need your shoes to be able to step up to the task.

Enter the VJ shoe family. Founded in 1981 in Finland with the sole aim of developing a shoe that stands up to the challenges of long distance running over a variety of distances and terrains, they made their US debut earlier this year – and we’re delighted to be their distributor in the UAE.

The debate over which trail running shoes are the best and which are worth your money can be tricky – but we’re here to tell you that VJ Shoes are the way forward. Here are the top 5 ways VJ shoes will keep you one step ahead of the competition!

1. Best Grip On The Planet

VJ Shoes are said to have the best grip on the planet for a reason – their butyl rubber soles stick to even the slipperiest and softest of surfaces. They also feature lug spacing, which is designed to shed mud and debris as you move – particularly the XTRM model, which is best suited for sky running, trail running and OCR.

They’re so grippy, they’re the current choice of footwear for current Skyrunning Ultra World Champion Jon Albon #justsaying. “With unthinkable grip on wet rock, these are without doubt the reason I won Tromso Skyrace.” But don’t just take his word for it…try them for yourself and we guarantee you’ll instantly feel the difference.

2. Snug Fit

There are plenty of opinions about how trail running shoes should fit – but one thing that’s universally agreed is that they need to fit snugly to your feet to give you the stability you need on uneven and shifting ground.

The Fitlock feature is a thickened rubber section that supports the instep when laced up, helping the trainer feel like a supportive second skin, and the KvamO design of big microfibre-urethane cushioning units, inside torsion support and shaped insole has revolutionised comfort – never before has there been heel and forefoot cushioning in trail running shoes. Enter, VJ Shoes.

3. Durability

Trail running shoes are made the way they are because every part of them has to stand up to extreme punishment – from traversing rocky, muddy, watery terrain, to withstanding multiple soakings while keeping you up to pace. VJ shoes are packed full of hardwearing materials that are designed to take this battering and allow you to concentrate on your running game rather than your gear, and they’re made with only the best materials including uppers woven with Kevlar so that they don’t tear. Win win.

4. Weight

VJ Shoes are designed for lightness – so they’re made with materials that don’t absorb water so they don’t get uncomfortably heavy when wet and slow you down. This is particularly important when you’re orienteering, trail running, doing Iron Mans and OCR, where you’ll encounter extremely muddy or soft wet conditions more regularly. Not so much of a problem for us over here in the UAE, but quite a lot of us like to travel around with our racing and get stuck into (sometimes quite literally) different types of courses and trails. So with that in mind, none of the models we’re stocking weigh above 250g – designed to keep you light on your feet.

5. Protection

Our feet are the most delicate instruments in our running, taking most of the force and informing the rest of our movement. VJ shoes are made with a range of features to protect your feet; and the MAXx model is especially designed for longer distances and challenging terrain. Awarded the Editor’s Choice for Outdoor in the Runner’s World Awards 2019, these feature a full-length rock plate in the sole to protect against sharp stones and sticks on those longer trail runs, and reinforced cushioning in the toe and heel for comfort and protection.

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Posted on 3rd Dec 2019