The Runderwear Baselayer; BVSPORT Compression socks & Naked Hydration Vest – a review by Ole Brom

Runderwear: Men’s Long Sleeved Baselayer – Great Addition To My Running Gear

How do you know if a new piece of gear or clothing is going to be great, or give you trouble? – You put it through the ultimate test. That’s what I did.

While the ultramarathon Hajjar 100km had to be canceled due to a certain virus, I decided to go ahead and run it anyway, and put Runderwear’s Long Sleeved Baselayer to the test (along with 3 other new items).

At the start, 5:45AM, it was surprisingly warm for the season, 19C, but I decided to try the garment nonetheless. I knew that at the top of the 2 mountains at 1100m and 1300m elevation it could be windier and chillier, and it was. The baselayer worked great, was a snug fit, and I felt the breathability of the fabric did its job well. Although very warm at times, especially during the climb of the 2nd mountain, the sweat still got wicked away nicely. SO, after 15 hours of running, covering 100km w/3000 meter elevation, I had no blisters, shafing or troubles at all.

I wore the baselayer during a desert run the following week during much colder and windier conditions, 11-14 Celcius between 5:30 and 7:30am, surrounded by fog and humidity, and the baselayer performed even better then; kept me warm and comfortable.

I put this through the ultimate test: Verdict 10/10! This is a great new addition to my running gear.

BV Booster EVO2 – Compression Calves

Despite a big boo-boo, I decided to try something new on a 100km run. I am a big fan of compression calves, compression socks, and the likes.

Switching between using them and not, I can say that they definitely help in

both performance and recovery.

Back story: 4 weeks prior to testing the BV Booster EVO2, I ran a 45km ultra with 1800m of elevation, up and down. My calves and my tibia on both legs were SORE and fatigued beyond compare – even 8-9 days post race – despite having used compression socks (from another brand). That feeling was horrible and I wanted to avoid that for my said 100km long run.

Getting my hands on the BV Booster EVO2 was has made such a great difference in performance and recovery. The technology and science behind these gems are solid. I covered 100km with more than 3000m of ascent and descent in 15hrs and I barely felt my calves or legs in the days following the run; no pain, no soreness, just a gentle reminder that I had been having a long run. WHAT (!) a difference from the other brand.

I absolutely recommend these to anyone who want to run stronger, perform better and recover faster!

NAKED Hydration Vest

You know the saying; “Never ever try something new on competition day”. Now, this wasn’t competition per se, but it was a long run.

I have been using the Naked hydration vest since September 2020 but was very eager to try out the new model with zipper in the front. For obvious reasons – the zipper in the front makes it so much more practical to put on/ take off the vest when needed. But to try out something as important as a hydration vest for the first time on a 100km run, may not be the smartest. However, since I’d been using NAKED for a while already, I took my chances.

My run was largely self-supported with the exception of a refueling station at 30km, one at 50km, and at 75km. At the start I had 4.5 liter of water in the various mesh pockets; 3l at the back, and 1.5l at the front. In addition, with the extra front mesh pockets, I could carry more fuel, bars, nutrition than the previous model while still be able to add Emergency Kit, my phone, head torch, toilet paper & sanitizer, 2 extra buffs, as well as a windbreaker.

There are several other features, too, which I did not actually use, but will be great when I have my 250km race in Slovenia in June 2021; trekking pole carriers, emergency whistle, and drink tube lock points.

I had never thought that such a light weight and minimalist hydration pack could room this much essentials, and be so snug, have no unwanted bounce, and be comfortable throughout my 100km run giving me a chafing-free experience.

Whether running the desert, traversing mountains, or exploring trails, this is a flawless and essential piece of equipment!

Many thanks to Nas and everyone at Sported for your superior service and eagerness to always help out.

I have had the fortunate luck to be able to try out some great Long Boxers and Compression Socks from #Runderwear the past few months. As most ultra runners, I too am sceptical to change gear if there’s no real need to do so. However, I had heard a lot of good stuff about Runderwear, so I got myself some.

Long Boxers

First off, the fabric of the Long Boxers is breathable, dries quickly and feels so light on the skin. I have used these on 5 or 6 of my Endurance Camps since October – the same boxers on 2 to 3 runs consecutively (no wash in between, that is), and have had the pleasure of feeling fresh each time.

Mind you, some of these training runs last up to 5 and 6 hours, and still wicks away sweat. Furthermore, when you have consecutive runs – no washing in between, which simulate a stage race – the chances of chafing increases. Despite not even having had any anti-chafing cream, I have had no signs of chafing or hot spots. This is why I also used the Long Boxers on my last ultra race, Mt. Sana 60km, which took me 7:30hrs to complete.

There’s only positives to mention about these gems!

Compression Socks

I am a great fan of toe socks, as I feel its compartments protect each toe from rubbing against one another. However, I was urged by fellow athletes to try the Runderwear Compression Socks, so I manned up and have done so the past few months.

First off, I have been surprised by how dry my feet are even after long hours of running the hot desert of Dubai, where the constant heat and friction would normally make my shoes soaked inside the sand gaiters. A big plus.

Less moist means less chances of blisters.

Secondly, due to its fairly thick base of the sole, I feel I have a better cushioning when running on rocky and technical terrain, such as the mountains of Ras Al Khaima. Any added protection from the constant impacts experience on the trails, is highly appreciated.

Lastly, the fact that these compression socks continue up the ankle to just under the knees, help stimulate blood flow. And as we know, higher blood flow stimulates faster recovery and thus can improve performance. As with the Long Boxers, I have used these in many of my Endurance Camps, as well as long rungs, and find that they assist me in recovery. The biggest difference in that regards has been in the mountains and especially after long downhill runs. My calves are especially thankful.

I would love to see a Runderwear Compression socks with toe compartments, as I did experience a bit of rubbing between 2 toes on one of my longer mountain runs.


I love buffs! I collect them, and use them ALL THE TIME. So, when I got my Runderwear Buff – I got the pink one, I was excited. Yeah, I am a buff-nerd. LOL.

The material of the buff is like the other products – it wicks away sweat, dries quickly, and is a snug fit. And better priced than most other brands.

One little suggestion; for safety and/or visibility, a reflective material could be added at the front and back.

Dubai, 2021 by Ole Brom, Ole is a run coach based in Dubai. @olej.brom, Ole J Brom

Posted on 1st Apr 2021