Swimming in a triathlon

Swimming in a triathlon. Imagine; many athletes around you, arms and legs, not being able to see anything in the water, waves, navigating. There is nothing left of the perfect swimming stroke that you have trained for in the pool every day. It’s a fight. It’s a struggle. There are only a few athletes who feel comfortable in these conditions and that makes perfect sense.

My opinion is that the most important thing is to stay calm, control your breathing, find your rhythm, and focus on the place, press, push. Try to create a situation where you are as comfortable as possible in the uncomfortable. The wetsuit comes into play here and plays an important role.

How many models have you worn that fit too tight around your chest and which, together with the panic that is already there, makes you even less comfortable? It restricts your breathing.

The BlueSeventy was a game changer for me. Due to a trauma experienced in the sea myself, open water is a place that is anything but pleasant for me. I am aware of it, adjust my expectations and try to create the best situation for myself. BlueSeventy keeps me comfortable and because of the extremely flexible suit there is little tightness. The material around the arms is incredibly thin and light, allowing you to keep your cadence high and not carry any extra weight with every stroke you make. At the same time, the legs provide extra buoyancy to have a better position in the water. A suit that makes me feel comfortable. To be comfortable is to be fast. And this helps me to get to T1 as quickly as possible and to be able to get on the bike with a good feeling. Thank you team for helping me and being part of my triathlon journey!

By Els Visser

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Posted on 28th Nov 2023