Camp Wrap Up

Preparation for upcoming 70.3 races in Oman and South Africa was the theme of the camp at the Oceanic Hotel over the weekend of 26-28 Jan. The camp started with a gentle sea swim followed a light interval session on the recently upgraded corniche. The Oceanic team always go above and beyond to support the athletes and ensure that their safety is paramount. 

Saturday saw an early start with two groups heading out on the Masafi loop for a hilly bike ride with the similar profile and elevation to the Oman 70.3. On rides such as this, close to the race, it is important to use the bike you will ride on race day and to practice race day fueling to ensure that you have nailed your fuelling and hydration strategy. After 104 or 110km all riders were safely back at the hotel for a well deserved breakfast and snooze. 

Transitions are where seconds and minutes can be gained or lost so 2 hours was spent talking through the skills and techniques required for fast and slick T1s and T2s such as running fast through the transition area with the bike and dismounting the whilst leaving the shoes on the pedals. This was followed by a recovery swim in what was a fairly heavy sea swell. Well you cannot chose your conditions on race day!

Sunday morning saw a lie in until 6am ahead of some short sharp bricks to practice those transition techniques learned the previous day. This was followed by a long 2km sea swim in a much calmer sea. 

The camp closed with a review of the course for the Oman 70.3 and a discussion on race day preparation and nutrition.

David Hunt is a TriSutto certified coach.

Posted on 4th Feb 2024