Ryan’s Laguna Phuket’s Race Report

Had an absolute blast racing the Laguna Phuket Triathlon

An truly incredible race with such amazing hospitality by the race organiser and Z-couching

Despite knowing I hadn’t done the run work for any sort of half decent run leg, I was totally focused on testing myself on the swim and bike.

After managing to swim with Michael Raelert and Ruedi Wild, it was a pretty great feeling to start to take turns on the bike with these two icons of our sport.

Unfortunately, just as I was starting to get excited about the bike leg that I might be able to produce a mechanical quickly put an end to my fun.

After realizing my issue was fixable, I was able to get going again and was just happy to be able to finish after thinking that my race might be completely done.

Ryan Christian

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Posted on 26th Jan 2023