Running in Heat and Humidity

Toni Metcalfe sent us her tips and tricks for training in extreme heat and humidity:

  • Manage your expectations… you are not going to be able to run at your “normal” pace or run as far as you could in better conditions. These are extreme conditions so don’t beat yourself up! 
  • Base your runs on time not distance. An hour out there with a run that is the slower but requires the same amount of effort as a faster run in cooler conditions is still building fitness! So don’t look at the pace on your watch! 
  • Keep hydrated and cool… which seems obvious but keep sipping and stuff ice where ever you can… I have to say my Naked vest and Waitrose Ice bags are a perfect combo as the ice cools my back and keeps my core temp down. And I can stick a couple of soft flasks in the front! 
  • Don’t stray too far… I do loops so I’m never too far from a supply of ice and cold drinks.
  • Break your run up. Such as 5 mins run, 2 min walk or I like to use songs… run for 4 songs, pause music and walk for 1 min, run for another 4 songs… Do what works for you. 
  • Don’t look at the extreme weather as a disadvantage. Are you going to be banging out a super fast speed session? Probably not… Are you going to be able to build your base fitness, endurance and mental strength? Absolutely! Think of it as altitude training rather then running at sea level; you will build blood platelets and aerobic efficiency and kick ass when the weather finally does cool! 

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Posted on 9th Jun 2020