Leading up to the RAK Half Marathon, we asked you to share your stories about “how racing changed your live” and “why racing has a positive influence on your life”. We have chosen 3 winners. Here we share those inspiring stories.

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Why racing has a positive influence in my life?
Running absolutely helps to boost my self-confidence. It is a lot about goal setting and achieving things you didn’t think were possible. Being a not so “regular” person, as I am a cabin crew, that flies around the world and does not have a routine and time frame to train, sometimes can be very challenging to tick off all the trainings. Not only strong legs but a very strong mind is required. 
While racing, I’ve learnt that there will always be people ahead, people behind, and if you are lucky people next to you to keep on pushing you. Just keep on going and do your best!
The important thing is to say: 
“I have finished!” One of the best feelings ever! There is always a loooot of satisfaction involved. 
I always try to remember:
Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow! 

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A year ago, I was in Egypt doing fairly what I was comfortable doing. Office to house and playing American football which I love; sounds like a lot of fun for me back then. 
Somewhere in the middle, an opportunity came that opened doors for me to work in the UAE. I now understand how homesickness is a thing and how it’s not just drama because I was in the same shoes as those that have telltale their stories to me growing up.
A month after my relocation, I was zero in totality – in motivation, in inspiration, in will, in power, in all else because I felt awful missing my whole family and friends back in Egypt. 
Until I stumbled upon a Running Community.
The Running Community embraced me as if I was there for a long time. I felt very welcomed. After a month of bi-weekly sessions, I’ve gained so many friends and lifetime experiences I’ve never expected to undergo in that short-span. Friends later on became family, I feel like I have a whole lot within the Running Community. 
I’ve never seen sports unite people with different backgrounds and capabilities, embracing each other all for the love of running. Running not only introduced me to my family, but it also opened a lot of great opportunities for me to venture. It also paved way for me to have a sound mind as well as sound body all going for my own betterment. 
I fell in love with running and racing.
Passion, motivation and inspiration got back to my life because of running and community. It showed me how my body capable to go beyond limits that I never imagined to think of.

So far, I’ve ran 3 Half Marathons and a Trail Run in my 8 months of UAE stay with the goal of running and finish a full one this year which is Dubai Marathon. 
RAK Half Marathon would be a really great addition to make a new PB for me and especially most of my friends are running too and I’d like to share this wonderful experience with them!

And that’s why racing has a positive influence in my life! 

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I used to weigh 112kgs. 
I read it again and again to let it sink in me that I used to be that guy. 
I’m now 92kgs.
Until now, I can’t believe the guy I always see in the mirror is the same guy I was 2 years ago. Same face, but 20kgs less than how I used to be and a whole lot of changes in terms of lifestyle, mindset, and life perspective. 
Running brought me this. Running brought me to this.


We at Sported.ae are grateful to all of you who shared your stories with us.
Let us congratulate Bibiana, Ali and Mo with a great race in the end.

Posted on 21st Feb 2023