Using A Bike Indoors? You Still Need To Maintain It

With training moving inside, it’s just as important to maintain your bike.

With no option but to train indoors, those of us lucky enough to own a Turbo Trainer are probably spending more time on them than normal. The Turbo is a great training tool and regardless of the lockdown, it’s a very efficient use of time.

If you think about it, you can save the 20-30 minutes driving to and from the bottom of the stick! That could be an extra hour spent training or with the family. We can even go global through the use of Zwift and cycle with our mates in different time zones.

We would expect to see more and more cyclists and triathletes making use of the Turbo as a part of their training regime, even after the current restrictions are lifted. But have you considered what all of that sweat is doing to your beloved bicycle?

A few common issues

  • The front and rear brakes can rust through the accumulation of sweat
  • Sweat can penetrate your headset
  • Bar tape can need replacing
  • Chains become worn out and may need replacing
  • Chains need lubricating
  • Sweat can pool around the bottom bracket

Indoor training means more sweat on the bike and more sweat on the bike means more destruction. Five minutes spent cleaning after every session could prevent expensive repairs. 

If in doubt, call the experts from Velo Presto, the mobile bike mechanics. We will come directly to your home.

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Posted on 27th Apr 2020