Dialing In With Matt Trautman – Pro Triathlete – Sponsored by Secret Training

Quick catch up with Matt about COVID in SA – how he kept his training up – tips for age groupers…

Hey Matt how are you and how’s the family? How is the COVID situation in South Africa?

We’re good thanks. The little guy is keeping us busy and entertained. It seems like we’re past the peak here in South Africa at last, so things are starting to open back up again. Hopefully that trend continues and we can avoid a second wave.

How have you been keeping busy during the lockdown period and specifically what training have you been doing?

While the strict lockdown was in place, I was only training indoors as outdoor exercise was banned. Thankfully I already had a good setup here at home with the treadmill and turbo trainer, so the bike and run training could carry on unhindered. I just tried to make the best of the situation and actually got in some solid bike training during that time. Nothing too long and crazy, just consistent with good quality sessions. I’ve managed to get back in the pool for the last few weeks and after over 100 days out of the water, it’s taken some time to get that going again. The first couple of weeks were pretty embarrassing but it’s starting to come back now and it’s been good to have that to work and improve on.

Have you managed any virtual races during the lockdown? what are your thoughts on Virtual races?

Zwift put on a virtual race series for pro triathletes in May and June, so that was great motivation to stay fit and strong and was something to look forward to each week. The racing was intense and very competitive, my lack of end sprint meant I never really threatened the podium though.

Do you have any events planned or are you looking at something specific in the future?

I wish I could answer this more convincingly. Ironman South Africa is still on the calendar for November at the moment, whether it goes ahead or not is anyone’s guess, but I’m keeping the fitness levels up and should only be around 4-6 weeks away from race shape in the off chance that it does.

Might we see you again in Dubai in 2021?

I hope so.

Any tips for age groupers on how to keep fit and motivated when there are no events insight?

It’s hard for sure. You just have to get into a rhythm with your training and do it more for the fact that you’re staying active and healthy rather than a set race goal. You don’t need to be completely destroying yourself in training, just find a balance where it’s still a challenge but enjoyable at the same time. It’s also a good time to work on any potential weaknesses you might have. If you’re new to the sport then there are great gains to be made in this period of uninterrupted training.

Matt is sponsored by Secret-Training
Zoom catch up with Matt Trautman by Sported’s David Hunt (Matt is training David through Trisutto)

Posted on 4th Sep 2020