Bike Box Alan FAQs

What colours do you have?

We have red, black, blue, green, orange and grey. We also have Limited Edition Pink!

How much does the box weigh?

The Bike box Alan weighs 13kg. Once your bike is inside it will weigh around 20-22kg depending on the bike you have. If you add bike shoes, helmet, wet suit and say a pump the box will weigh 25-26kg.

Does it accommodate a disc wheel?

The Bike box Alan not only accommodates a disc wheel, with the use of a special anti crush pole, but it can also accommodate your normal rear wheel making a total of three wheels. 

Does it come with a warranty?

The box case carries a 7 year warranty.

Can I personalize the box with my name?

You bet. You can order your name and country stickers on-line.

Can I rent before I buy?

Yes, you can rent a box before you buy. If you want to buy the box after your trip we will let you deduct the rental cost from the price of a brand new box. 

Posted on 2nd Jul 2023