5 Reasons You Should Exercise In Your Swimming Pool

Do you have a swimming pool at home? Aqua exercise is a great way to stay fit during lockdown.

With more than a third of the world being told to stay at home, many of us are turning to inventive ways to stay fit during lockdown. If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool at home, aqua exercise is a great option.

Here are five reasons why you should get off that lilo and make a splash with those quarantine quads instead!

1. Replace your runs with aqua jogging

Research has shown that deep water running is relatively close to regular running in terms of cardiovascular demand at easy to moderate intensities. You can expect to maintain your fitness for four to six weeks with water running.

For deep water running to be effective for fitness maintenance, it should be done at the same intensity, frequency, and duration as your regular runs.

Submerged in the water you will have resistance on all sides. This forces opposing muscles to work equally. As you move your arms and legs against the resistance of the water, you will get a great cardiovascular and strength training workout.

2. Exercise different muscles

The forgiving environment of deep water also provides extra resistance and will make you use muscles differently, as opposing muscles will kick in to push through the viscosity of the water.

3. Great for rehab training

When you workout in the water, you typically only support 20 – 50% of your total body weight, making it a much gentler form of exercise on joints than road/trail running.

If you’re working through a rehab programme you can simply focus on getting your fitness back on track whilst you’re submerged, rather than adding pressure on your limbs and joints.

Aqua jogging, with gentle spinal rotation and glute activation feels great for most sore backs, especially after several hours behind your laptop.

4. Get some headspace

Many of us train to keep our minds healthy, as well as our bodies. Taking to your pool for regular exercise could give you some vital headspace from the stresses of your day and help you establish a new routine; especially important during lockdown.

It can also be all too tempting to reach for your mobile phone while exercising at home. As our collective screen-time reaches an all-time high, you could workout in your pool for a break from devices!

5. Exercise while supervising your children

While you are supervising your kids in the pool you might as well make use of your time and aqua jog your way up and down for half an hour!

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