Sarra Lajnef

Not everyone can swim the same technique. I can help you find the best technique that will make you swim more efficiently (faster with less effort)

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I can help you find the best technique that suits you

I work with every swimmer differently depending on their needs and abilities

Swimming is hard but we can make it fun and enjoyable too

Video analysis of your stroke

Triathlon specific training and technique improvement



Why Choose Sarra Lajnef swimming coaching/ swimming for triathlon

As an Olympian, swimmer and triathlete, I know how hard it can be to get your swimming to where it needs to be. But with the right instructions and individualized expertise and coaching, I can promise you that you will not only reach your goals but you will  do it while enjoying and having fun.

I’ve been living in the UAE for the past 6 years, during which I’ve experienced the sport from different angles and learned a lot about teaching and coaching. And the advantage of being an athlete myself, makes me want to perfect my coaching skills every day and come up with some new coaching tools and techniques to make my swimmers and triathletes more comfortable and swim more efficiently.


  • ASA level 1 and 2

Class Schedule

Private for learn to swim and adults

Group classes for competitive swimmers/ master swimmers

Private or group classes for triathletes

Group classes

Upon request