Paolo Mangilinan

A proven straightforward approach to swimming, whether you are learning to swim freestyle; an intermediate looking to improve, or one of the best athletes in the world.

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Awarded Hall of Fame – Dubai Fitness Challenge 2020 for Swimming 10km a day for 30 days with total of 300km swim around coast of Dubai, Triathlete and Swim Smooth Certified Coach.

Many people find swimming complicated and end up believing they will never achieve their goals, but Swim Smooth’s approach is different. It’s logical, systematic, and based on tens of thousands of practical hours on the pool deck working with swimmers just like you. It’s real-world effective swim coaching.

Why Choose Paolo Mangilinan

Whatever your reason for improving your front crawl, be it:

  • Fitness
  • Faster Triathlons
  • Personal Challenge
  • Enjoyment
  • Open Water Swims

Or perhaps you’ll come to us with another reason – we can help!

Be part of Dubai’s most exciting and dedicated adult swim training squad specifically catering for triathletes, open water swimmers and those who love the water.


  • Swim Smooth Certified Coach
  • ASA level 1 & 2

Class Schedule

1:1 Video Analysis (Certified)

Private Lesson

Squad Training

Stroke Development

Group classes

5x Squad Training per week, Check the link below for our updated schedule