Melina TK

“I love working with people and at the heart of my coaching is the coach-athlete relationship”

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‘As an active triathlete, a busy mum to three girls, and a coach, i am well aware of the commitment required to progress within the sport, particularly at the amateur age group level, where we try to juggle work, family and other things that are competing for our time, with an equally time consuming sport.

I love working with people, and have been the local Women for Tri Ambassador for the last 3 years. At the heart of my coaching is the coach-athlete relationship. I have worked with many different levels of athletes. I have a strong swimming background, and particularly enjoy seeing athletes master skills that they previously struggled with.

I continually strive to improve my knowledge and have recently taken various courses in triathlon training and coaching to enhance my knowledge and skills. Working with me, is very much a two-way process, and prefer my athletes to actively engage in the coaching process. Sometimes i’ll push you, sometimes i’ll hold you back… sport is about learning to balance both training and recovery for both mind and body!’

Why Choose Melina TK Triathlon Coach

-Knowledgeable coach with strong scientific background and up to date with latest coaching methods
-Strong Sport Psychology Background.
-Experienced athletes over all triathlon distances
-Strong Swimming background


  • BSc (HONS) Sport & Exercise Science
  • MSc Sport Science
  • MPhil Sport Psychology
  • Ironman Certified

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