John Michael On

Creating specific programs targeting the athlete’s goals

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I currently coach multicultural triathletes based in Bahrain, Canada, Indonesia, Qatar, the Philippines, and the UAE (in Abu Dhabi and Dubai). I was involved in the grassroots programs in the UAE, in which I assisted coaching the Special Olympic UAE triathletes. I was also active in hosting triathlon training camps with different community groups, including the Filipino community.

My love for teaching and coaching always finds its way back in one form or another.


Why Choose John Michael On Triathlon

I strongly believe in the importance of communication, building a personal relationship with the athlete and incorporating #Mindfulness in his coaching programs. This involves training our attention through yoga and meditation. With consistent practice, one can reduce mind-wandering thus enhancing athletic performance by developing the ability to focus and refocus, worrying less, be more present, reduce anxiety, and increase our ability to respond and react quickly, and most importantly it can help induce and increase the quality of sleep.

“First love has the habit of coming back” – this phrase best describes my coaching/teaching journey. I had a career shift when I moved to the UAE in 2008. From teaching math to becoming a Purchasing Coordinator/Vendor Manager for a government school in Abu Dhabi.

While in the UAE, other triathletes started to notice and recognize my performance as an athlete and my coaching capability. Several aspiring triathletes approached me to assist them to reach their athletic goals; this was the kick-start of my coaching career in 2014. Since then, while coaching triathletes (newbies and experienced), I have been enhancing my coaching skills by attending training sessions and seminars (e.g. ITU, NCCP, Rocktape and Training Peaks, etc.).

Multisport coach since 2014, I currently living in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. I am focused on creating specific programs targeting the athlete’s goals. Incorporating evidence-based research and mindfulness practices in programs, and also developing training and racing nutrition and recovery routines with the athlete. I will use technology and data analysis to help cut the learning curve using WKO & bestbikesplit. Remote biochemical testing is possible using INSCYD or in-person blood lactate testing.




  • ITU Level 2 Coach
  • NCCP Triathlon Community Coach
  • INSCYD metabolic testing