Graves Performance

Graves Performance is a new innovative multisport consultancy agency with expertise in all distances of triathlon and cycling.

Contact Details:

  • Location: Dubai/UK
  • Phone: 00447718247388


We offer a by the hour consultancy service for all levels of athlete. From starter to seasoned Ironman finisher, we will give you a bespoke one to one service offering you help ,advice, guidance and mentorship wherever you need it!

Why Choose Graves Performance's Triathlon and cycling Coaching

I realise that most Amateur athletes have an established weekly schedule set by their work, family and social commitments. Triathlon is your fun thing, so you are probably part of a few local running, cycling, swimming or triathlon clubs, whose sessions you fit around your busy schedule too. In my eyes this leaves very little room for a coach to actually be able to coach. So, rather than spend hundreds of dollars a month on coaching plans for years on end, I want to offer you my services in a one off consultancy capacity. I will sit down with you for a few hours and we can do a full assessment of your goals, your training, your racing or anything else you can think of and want to glean from my brain. You have an Ironman coming up? We can sit down and come up with a 6 month plan together to get you there. Have a specific race coming up? I can give you advice on the best way to get you around as fast as possible. Want to know how to ride a bike faster? We can go riding together and I will tell you everything I know! Absolutely anything triathlon or cycling related, id be very surprised if I couldn’t make you at least a little bit faster!


  • Youngest ever Ironman champion
  • 2 time 70.3 Ironman Champion
  • Multiple Ironman Podiums
  • 10 Years a Professional triathlete
  • ITU WTS, World and Continental championship experience

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