Chris de Nil (Tri Connect Coaching)

Completing your athletic aspiration with confidence and enjoying the moment is my commitment to you. I will get the most out of your training with continuous personal support.

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I coach age-group athletes of all levels, that know the basics of how to
swim, bike and run.

I have focused my passion for fitness and my personal experience into delivering a coaching product that caters for all levels in various endurance sports. I adapt my coaching to the real-world scenarios my athletes live in. I don’t get too attached to any given training methodology – I only get attached to getting YOU the results you want.

Whether you wish to participate in your first triathlon, ride your first Grand Fondo, run a marathon or simply improve your general wellness, I can provide the guidance, knowledge, nutritional advice and the support needed to achieve your goals.

Why Choose Chris de Nil (Tri Connect Coaching) Triathlon & Cycling

I strongly believe that the science of training or coaching is only one key contributor to the decision-making process. The athlete’s feedback and experience, as well as the coach’s anecdotal knowledge and experience will all contribute to the input in generating a desired game plan.

I enjoy the challenge of finding the balance of getting the biggest possible return-on-investment on training time. This requires carefully considering multiple inputs including the athlete’s feedback, objectively measured training response and performance, factors external to training like work and family, and using these inputs to always try to improve training planning. Never believing you have the best answer is the key to keep improving.

More than anything, I believe in the importance of coach-athlete communication. Without great communication, a coaching relationship can never be fully successful. Endurance sport is about so much more than just numbers in a training log. It’s also about psychology, confidence, and even productivity and time management. It is only through ongoing, open and honest conversations between the coach and the athlete, that an athlete can reach their peak performance.


  • ITCA (International Triathlon Coaching Association)
  • UESCA (Certified Running Coach)
  • Sport Science Institute of South Africa (Cycling Scene - Cycling physiology and coaching)
  • Sport Science Institute of South Africa (Training essentials and programmers design for swimming)

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