Understanding Nutrition

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70.3 Nutrition

Sported Tips 1. Have a strategy When talking about a nutrition plan for training and racing the first to do is have a strategy. You should be using the same products in training that you intend to race with....

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Matt Trautman shared his Nutrition Plans

How is a pro handling his nutrition pre-race and race day. Read Matt’s nutrition plans for the full distance Almere Challenge and the 70.3 in Buffalo. Matt won both races. Matt is fully sponsored by Redbull these days and...

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Muscle cramps – no magic bullet

‘How can I avoid muscles cramping in a race??’ You wouldn’t be the only one who has questions about muscle cramp; when you talk with people about their race this is one of the questions that keeps popping up. ...

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Summer Training: Overhydration – Hyperhydration – Dehydration. Know your stuff and be prepared.

Hot weather can make it difficult to maintain optimal hydration; dehydration is not healthy, but neither is overconsuming (overhydrating) fluids during exercise. Drinking too much water without electrolytes during exercise can cause (the sometimes fatal condition) hyponatremia. Hyponatremia literally...

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Ramadan fasting for athletes

By Fiona Brenninkmeijer, Functional Nutritionist from Optimal Fitness Ramadan poses challenges for athletes requiring planning of training schedules to fit around fasting, work schedules, sleep and recovery.  There are four key considerations to be factored into an athlete’s regime...

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Carb loading & fasted training when observing Ramadan

By Stephanie Karl, Sports Nutritionist from UPANDRUNNING The observance of Ramadan hours this year will fall between around 6am until 7pm – a definite consequence for training and performance of the competitive athlete. Falling mostly in April, it is...

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Fuelling your triathlon

At Secret Training we have developed a range of products to ensure that you can properly fuel your triathlon, optimize hydration & speed recovery and adaptation.  However, no one strategy or flavor will suit every individual, event or conditions. ...

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Nutrition Steph

Fueling the body for superior performance by Stephanie Karl

Stephanie is Sports Nutritionist at UPANDRUNNING. Optimizing dietary intake for sports competitors follows general guidelines with fueling requirements varying due to the individual’s energy expenditure, metabolism, state of health, different sports, weight, environmental temperature etc. Like all nutrition advice,...

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How to use Caffeine for Training and Race Days

When it comes to using caffeine to help with training and racing, it’s all about the timing. Different people have different reactions to caffeine, but here is our general advice: Caffeine before a fasted training session A black coffee...

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How do I balance intake of solids and liquids during an ironman?

You need enough liquids and electrolytes to prevent dehydration, having said this you should expect a 2-4% drop in weight by the finish line, so your aim is never to drink enough to maintain starting body weight.   You...

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