Are you Race Ready?

With race season starting, we have made it easy for you to find the products you need, from our Secret Training nutrition packs for specific types of races, our Runderwear visors, the Naked running band to carry your fuel and hydration, to the cool Kitbrix bags to arrive at your race in an organized way..


Secret Training know their stuff and they have put together tailor-made packages for your events whether it be a triathlon or a marathon. If you just want a fast acting carbohydrate drink mix then check out “Race Mix” which provides 40g of carbohydrates per liter.  Why not carry a caffeine gel in your back pocket for those last km?

SafeDay Pack Triathlon Race day pack Marathon pack Race Mix Gels and Bars Protein and Recovery

Nutrition holder + Race belt

The Naked Running Band will allow you to be more self-sufficient.  Not only does it display your race number, but acts as a nutrition holder. It is lightweight, has three separate pockets and its elastic qualities stops your nutrition from bouncing around.  

Naked Running Band
Kitbrix Ballistic Bag Dubai

KitBrix Ballistic Bag

No fuss just organised stuff”. Kitbrix is a robust modular bag designed to help organise and protect kit for active people. Each ballistic bag can be zipped to another to form a rucksack, saving time in transition and travel.

KitBrix Ballistic Bag


Look and feel cool on the run with our much demanded Runderwear Visor by BOCO.  Go on, be bold and chose the Pink one, its our most popular colour. Super comfy!

Runderwear visor

Speed laces

Best speed laces on the market.  Once Applied always tied. These will not create pressure on your instep as you run.

Greeper speed laces

Simple Race Belt

Simple Reflective Race Number Belt with lace locks for easy race number attachment.
No more pins!!
Lightweight elasticated and fully adjustable.

Race Belt


Three types to chose from. Are you properly hydrated before your race. Don’t forget to sip some carbohydrate and electrolyte solution before your event.

Naked Soft Flask Secret Training bottle 800ml Secret Training bottle 600ml

Neck Rub

Whether you are training or racing once its wet suit season this is an essential.

Sail Fish anti chafe neck rub

Kitbrix Pokit

Keep your wet kit separate from your clean dry clothes with this lightweight ruck sack. Perfect for your wetsuit.

The PoKit DayPack

Runderwear Triathlon suits

The Runderwear Tri suit will guarantee you a chafe free triathlon experience. It is lightweight, comfortable and it won’t break the bank with our TRIMENOW40 offer at 40% off. The stylish, minimalist design also incorporates a dual pocket in the rear for carrying those small things such as gels etc. Get yours now

Arm Pocket

Y-Fumble is a simple pocket worn on the upper or lower arm, enough space for a phone, car key and a gel.

Y Fumble Arm Band